Taking Back Sunday Announces Bands for Next U.S. Tour

According to Alternative Press, Taking Back Sunday will be touring the U.S. once again from October 1 to November 3. The bands The Maine and Bad Rabbits will be supporting. The band promises tour dates early next week, and we'll let you know as soon as they release them!

Adam and John Cover Kanye, Perform 'Faith'

Recently, Adam and John performed a cover of Kanye West's song "Can't Tell Me Nothing" for Billboard:

Adam and John also performed their single Faith (When I Let You Down):

Finally, Adam and John sat down for an interview with Billboard.com:

Mark O'Connell, Shaun Cooper Cover Metallica

Looking for some late night amusement? Recently, at Shaun Cooper's bachelor party, Mark O'Connell and Shaun Cooper both took the stage to sing some Metallica karaoke. Will Mark or Shaun be replacing Adam anytime soon as the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday? Decide for yourself:

TBS to Play Quicksilver Pro in Long Island, New York, on September 10

The headline says it all: today, Taking Back Sunday officially announced they will be playing the Quicksilver Pro music festival this september in Long Island, New York. The band's date will be September 10th, and they'll be playing alongside The Sound and SLUNT.

The band has stated that they will be going on another U.S. tour this fall; we'll let you know as soon as we have more details on new tour dates.

Mark, Eddie Talk to theScore

Mark O'Connell and Eddie Reyes recently talked to the website theScore. Check out the interview below:

Adam, John Cover Tom Petty's "Yer So Bad"

Adam and John cover Tom Petty's "Yer So Bad" for the third song in their recent three song set for Nervous Energies. Check it out below!

Adam, John Record New Acoustic Sessions

Adam Lazzara and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday have recorded new acoustic songs, this time for band photographer Ryan Russell's Nervous Energies website. Check out a couple of the songs below:

Taking Back Sunday Posts Tour Update

Taking Back Sunday recently posted a tour update. Check it out below:

Eric Valentine Discusses the Production of Taking Back Sunday's New Album

For all you music geeks out there, Eric Valentine, the producer of Taking Back Sunday's new self-titled album, goes in-depth about the production of the new self-titled album on the forums GearSlutz. Be sure to check it out!

TBS Tour Notes: Atlanta, Georgia, 7/13

Last night was an amazing night in Atlanta, Georgia, as Taking Back Sunday played one of its most energetic shows on the tour yet -- if not the most energetic show. Adam Lazzara claimed that the crowd in Atlanta had several times the energy of the crowd from the previous night in Myrtle Beach, and came out into the crowd for five songs: You're So Last Summer, Ghost Man on Third, This is All Now, Cute Without the E, and There's No I In Team.

Longtime TBS photographer Ryan Russell tweeted, "One of the best @TBSOfficial shows I've ever seen. Wait till you see the photos." Nathan Corgan, who's been on tour with the band for a month, tweeted, "Atlanta just may have been the best show of the tour... So fun."

We'll have photos and (hopefully) video from this stop and others soon, but for now, here's the setlist from last night's show:

1. El Paso
2. MakeDamnSure
3. You Know How I Do
4. Liar (It Takes One to Know One)
5. Faith (When I Let You Down)
6. Bike Scene
7. One-Eighty by Summer
8. Error: Operator
9. Timberwolves at New Jersey
10. Existentialism on Prom Night
11. A Decade Under the Influence
12. You Got Me (Adam called this the most personal song he's ever written)
13. Set Phasers to Stun
14. You're So Last Summer (Adam came into the crowd starting with this song)
15. Ghost Man on Third (Adam gets stuck in the moshpit for a minute or two after this song)
16. This is All Now
17. Cute Without the E

18. Your Own Disaster (Adam smoked a cigarette during this song)
19. There's No 'I' In Team