Taking Back Sunday... and the Prodigal Son?

Shaun Cooper recently posted a link to a church that posted an "OMGWTFCAT is Welcome Here" sign outside their building:

The church is promoting a link between the OMGWTFCAT music video and the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son. At the very least, it's a change of pace from another church group that recently protested outside a Taking Back Sunday show in Seattle.

Longer Faith (When I Let You Down) Music Video Released

A longer version of the Faith (When I Let You Down) music video has been released, which you can view below:

By the way, have you seen OMGWTFTBSCAT's Twitter feed?

BackstageOL Interviews Eddie Reyes, Shaun Cooper

Recently, BackstageOL interviewed Eddie Reyes and Shaun Cooper of Taking Back Sunday:

On a related note, Shaun Cooper recently talked to a Houston music website, 29-95.com, about the band's reformation; click hereto read the interview.

TBSHub.com's One Year Anniversary!

Today marks the one year anniversary of TBSHub.com! For the past year, we've brought you constant Taking Back Sunday news updates and have served as a host for a variety of Taking Back Sunday videos and audio. We were the first website to post the lyrics for Taking Back Sunday's new CD; we were the first website to post the setlist for Taking Back Sunday's new summer tour (and we did it through live updates during the show!); and we were one of the first websites to bring you impressions of Taking Back Sunday's new CD. While there's still some stuff to do on the site - we're planning on adding a lyrics page, a band bio page, etc., by the end of the summer - we've tried to focus on the basics first, and we've been gratified by your overwhelming support: over 10,000 of you visit our website each month.

Here's to many more years of TBSHub.com, and most importantly, many more years of the band we love the most: Taking Back Sunday. The website wouldn't exist without them, and without you, the fans.

John Nolan, Adam Lazzara Answer 20 Questions

HollywireTV has posted another part of their interview with John Nolan and Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday. Watch them answer 20 lightning round-style questions below:

We Are the In Crowd Drops Off TBS Tour

We Are the In Crowd is dropping off Taking Back Sunday's North American Summer Tour in order to complete a new album. They were originally scheduled to play the second half of the tour, but The New Regime, who had been playing the first half of the tour, will continue on in their place. Thursday and Colour Revolt are still scheduled to play the rest of the tour as planned.

Hollywire Interviews John Nolan, Adam Lazzara

Can't get enough of Taking Back Sunday interviews? Here's another one from Hollywire TV with John Nolan and Adam Lazzara:

John Nolan Talks to Marvel Comics

Recently, John Nolan did a major interview with Marvel Comics. Among other things, he makes news about a possible upcoming acoustic record:

Marvel.com: Are you considering putting out a stripped version of the new record?

John Nolan: Yeah, we’ve talked about it. On this tour we’re actually gonna have to do a lot of acoustic performances, so I think I have a chance to really develop some different versions of the songs while we do that. And then who knows. Maybe we’ll start recording some of those or start releasing them in some way.

Read the entire interview here.

Slow Sales Start for New Taking Back Sunday Album

The sales numbers for the first week for Taking Back Sunday's self-titled album are in: over 27,000 copies of the album were sold, and the album placed #17 overall on the charts, according to MTV.com.

In comparison, Taking Back Sunday's second album, Where You Want to Be, had first week sales of 164,000, while Taking Back Sunday's third album, Louder Now, had first weeks sales of 158,000, according to another article on MTV.com.

Taking Back Sunday has yet to perform on any late night TV shows to promote the album, though, and the band just released its music video for Faith (When I Let You Down) on MTV today. Hopefully, the album will build in popularity over the next few months.

Taking Back Sunday Unveils "Faith" Music Video

The music video for Faith (When I Let You Down) is below... and it's an interesting one!