The Rejected TBS Cover Art

By now, you've probably seen the cover art for Taking Back Sunday's upcoming self-titled album. What you might not know is that Taking Back Sunday had three other options for the cover art. You'll find the first rejected cover art below, by Seattle designer Jordan Butcher:

TBS Tour Notes: Portland, Oregon, 6/17/2011 (LIVE THREAD)

After playing a show in Salt Lake City on June 15th (with a setlist identical to the show in Denver, minus Bike Scene), Taking Back Sunday is playing a show in Portland, Oregon, tonight, June 17th. For live setlist updates, be sure to follow tbshub on Twitter. We also hope to have a report of the show for you afterwards, and we'll be liveblogging here. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 5 - 11:15 - The show is over. So what changed tonight? The band ended with Ghost Man on Third and Cute Without the E rather than Cute Without the E, You Know How I Do, There's No 'I' in Team. The band decided not to do an encore tonight and instead took requests, which is why Ghost Man was included in the set. We'll see if the band continues to do this throughout the tour.

If you're interested in tweeting about one of the band's next shows, or doing a write-up about one of their shows for, please e-mail me at jonathan[at] Thanks again to correspondent Cody for covering the show tonight.

UPDATE 4 - 11:00 - Next songs: You're So Last Summer, Spin, This is All Now, Ghost Man on Third... and ending with Cute Without the 'E'

UPDATE 3 - 10:45 - Next songs: What's it Feel Like to Be a Ghost?, A Decade Under the Influence, Everything Must Go, Best Places to Be a Mom

UPDATE 2 - 10:30 - Taking Back Sunday has taken the stage. The songs so far: El Paso, MakeDamnSure, Bike Scene, Liar (It Takes One to Know One), One-Eighty by Summer, Error Operator, Faith (When I Let You Down), Timberwolves at New Jersey, Existentialism on Prom Night. . .

UPDATE 1 - 9:30 - Thursday leaves the stage. . . Taking Back Sunday up next!

Thanks to correspondent Cody for covering this show for us. ALL TIMES PDT

Taking Back Sunday Announces Acoustic Show in Long Beach, CA, on 6/27

Earlier this week, Taking Back Sunday announced an acoustic show for 7/17 in New York. Today, they're announcing an acoustic show the night before the release of their upcoming self-titled album on June 27th at 7 p.m. in Long Beach, CA. The band will also be signing autographs. For details, click here.

TBS Hosts Pre-Order Bundle Signing Party

The limited edition pre-order bundles for Taking Back Sunday's upcoming self-titled album have officially SOLD OUT! Each member of the band signed each package, and in case you're skeptical, they've posted a video of their pre-order bundle signing party, which you can watch below:

Taking Back Sunday to Play Acoustic Show at Looney Tunes in NY on 7/17

Taking Back Sunday will be playing an acoustic show at Looney Tunes in West Babylon, NY, on July 17th, 2011. They'll also be signing autographs, and all those interested in attending must purchase a CD of the band's upcoming album through Looney Tunes. For more details, click here

TBS Tour Notes: Denver, Colorado, 6/14/2011 (RECAP)

Yesterday we brought you live updates from Taking Back Sunday's first show on the North American Summer Tour, in Denver, Colorado. Today we bring you a recap.

First, the official setlist from the show -- in correct order, as promised:

1. El Paso
2. MakeDamnSure
3. Bike Scene
4. Liar (It Takes One to Know One)
5. One-Eighty by Summer
6. Error Operator
7. Faith (When I Let You Down)
8. Timberwolves at New Jersey
9. Existentialism on Prom Night
10. What's it Feel Like to Be a Ghost?
11. A Decade Under the Influence
12. Everything Must Go
13. Best Places to Be a Mom
14. You're So Last Summer
15. Spin
16. This is All Now
17. Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)

18. You Know How I Do
19. There's No 'I' In Team

We'll also update the thread as videos come in from last night's show:

- El Paso
- MakeDamnSure
- One Eighty by Summer
- Faith (When I Let You Down)
- What's it Feel Like to Be a Ghost?

TBS Tour Notes: Denver, Colorado, 6/14/2011 (LIVE THREAD)

Tonight, is delivering LIVE updates of the first show on Taking Back Sunday's North American Summer Tour, in Denver, Colorado.

Stay tuned as we update you on the band's setlist tonight... Alternatively, follow us on Twitter.

UPDATE 12 - 12:00 We can confirm that CUTE WITHOUT THE E (CUT FROM THE TEAM) was the last song before the encore, and that YOU KNOW HOW I DO and THERE'S NO I IN TEAM concluded the set. We're now wrapping up our live thread for the night. We'll look out for a full setlist to post tomorrow, as well as any videos that pop up from the show. Good night everyone!

UPDATE 11 - 11:00 We are hearing that CUTE WITHOUT THE E (CUT FROM THE TEAM), ONE-EIGHTY BY SUMMER, BIKE SCENE, EVERYTHING MUST GO, THIS IS ALL NOW, BEST PLACES TO BE A MOM, YOU KNOW HOW I DO, SPIN, YOU'RE SO LAST SUMMER and THERE'S NO I IN TEAM were also in the set (but not in that order). We'll try to get you the final setlist soon.

UPDATE 10 - 10:45 The show is now over.

UPDATE 9 - 10:15 Our correspondent is having cell phone problems. We'll get you the next songs ASAP. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


UPDATE 7 - 9:45 NEXT SONGS: (TBD*), ERROR OPERATOR, FAITH (WHEN I LET YOU DOWN), TIMBERWOLVES AT NEW JERSEY. . . (*Our correspondent from the show wasn't sure what this song was. Will update you as soon as we get confirmation.)

UPDATE 6 - 9:30 NEXT SONGS: MAKEDAMNSURE, (TBD*), AND LIAR (IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE). . . (Note: We'll do our best to get the songs/order 100% right tonight, but consider this tentative until we receive final confirmation at the end of the night.)

UPDATE 5 - 9:15: And the show begins! FIRST SONG: EL PASO. . . A view of the stage from powerkatie, just moments before they took the stage:

And a view of the stage from justin_1985, just as they were arriving (to the tune of SURVIVOR from ROCKY):

UPDATE 4 - 8:45: Thursday has left the stage, and we're in between sets right now. Taking Back Sunday should be on any minute. . .

UPDATE 3 - 8:04: In case you were wondering, Taking Back Sunday played a Coca-Cola soundcheck set before the show tonight. Image from brandylyn_cohea:

UPDATE 2 - 7:58: Thursday is next on stage. . . after Thursday: Taking Back Sunday.

UPDATE 1 - 7:16: The New Revolt up first, then Colour Revolt. . . Image of the concert venue from Justin_1985:


Taking Back Sunday Updates Merch Store

Taking Back Sunday today updated its merch store. Among the new items:

To view all the products on sale, click here.

Win TBS Tickets or Access to "Coke Secret Soundcheck" Parties

If you're planning on going to a show on Taking Back Sunday's upcoming North American Summer, take note: Taking Back Sunday will be throwing secret three-song soundcheck parties along the way, and you can enter for your chance to visit them here.

Also click the link to enter to win free tickets to one of the upcoming concerts, as well as a chance to get a free trip to NYC.

New TBS Tour Dates: Detroit, Dublin, München, Berlin, Koln

Today, Taking Back Sunday announced five new tour dates. One is a 2nd date for Detroit on their upcoming North American Summer Tour:

July 27th - Detroit, MI (St. Andrews Hall)

The other Detroit show is scheduled for July 26th. The other four new tour dates are for their upcoming European tour abroad:

August 21st - Dublin, Ireland (The Academy)
September 5th - München, Germany (Backstage)
September 6th - Berlin, Germany (Postbahnhof)
September 7th - Koln, Germany (Stollwerk)

For details on purchasing tickets for these shows, click here.