Another Chance to Win Tickets to See Taking Back Sunday

Alternative Press is giving away 2 tickets + a signed cover of the new Alternative Press magazine for each stop on Taking Back Sunday's upcoming summer tour. In addition, each winner of the contest will be entered into a grand prize drawing for a signed drum head and signed test backdrop from the tour. Three runner-ups will also receive a signed drum head.

To enter the contest, click here.

New Song "This is All Now" Released!

The fourth song on Taking Back Sunday's upcoming self-titled album, "This is All Now," has been released! If you live in the UK, you can purchase the song (along with Best Places to Be a Mom and an acoustic Ghost Man on Third) on iTunes today, June 6th. If you live elsewhere, you can purchase the song on iTunes starting June 7th. And regardless of where you live, you can watch the song below right now:

If you missed Taking Back Sunday's other recently released songs, listen to Faith (When I Let You Down) here, Best Places to Be a Mom here, and El Paso here. has you covered!

Taking Back Sunday to Play I-Day Festival

Taking Back Sunday will be playing the I-Day Festival in Italy on September 4, alongside The Offspring, No Use for a Name, and Simple Plan. For more details and to purchase tickets, click here.

Taking Back Sunday will be announcing additional European dates soon.

Deluxe Version of Louder Now on iTunes

For those catching up with Taking Back Sunday's back catalog, the band has now posted a special edition Louder Now on iTunes. The album is very similar to the previously released Louder Now: Partone, which had contained live versions of "Liar (It Takes One to Know One)," "MakeDamnSure," "Error Operator," and "Divine Intervention." However, the live version of Divine Intervention is now different (it's a live acoustic version on Live 105), and the album contains the bonus tracks "Sleep" and "Brooklyn (If You See Something, Say Something)," which were originally only available on Louder Now: Parttwo. You can also purchase each of those tracks separately.

(For what it's worth, if you already have the basic Louder Now album, we recommend buying Louder Now: Parttwo on iTunes, which contains even more live tracks and both of those bonus tracks. It's a great live album!)

To access the album on iTunes, click here.

First Impressions: The Taking Back Sunday LP has now had the chance to listen to Taking Back Sunday's upcoming self-titled album. The album isn't officially due for release until June 28, but we thought we'd give you our first impressions below, with more updates to come as the release date draws nearer.

First, we'll echo the many reviewers who have confirmed that this is no Tell All Your Friends II. Despite the return of John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, Taking Back Sunday has definitely continued on a new trajectory. This is the album that should have been titled "New Again" -- certainly not the "Old Again" that some fans had hoped for.

With that said, Taking Back Sunday's self-titled album holds surprises even for those who have haven't tuned out the past few years. The first single, "Faith (When I Let You Down)," is not the pounding, fast-paced rocker that fans might have come to expect from past singles, and is certainly representative of the new direction Taking Back Sunday has taken with this album. On the other hand, the already released "El Paso" seems like something that could have come off a Nine Inch Nails album.

"This is All Now," where drummer Mark O'Connell's drumming skills are particularly impressive, and the already released "Best Places to Be a Mom" will probably feel the most familiar to longtime Taking Back Sunday songs. But songs like "Call Me in the Morning" and "Since You're Gone" prominently feature Nolan's keyboard, something TBS fans haven't heard much of since "The Blue Channel."

Some of the changes are for the better. We wish Taking Back Sunday would re-release some of its past songs, such as Everything Must Go, with Nolan's keys added in. But we're holding overall judgment on the album, simply because this record is so different from Taking Back Sunday's previous work. My first thoughts are that the AbsolutePunk crowd will return to hating this band after a short period of high expectations. We can certainly say this isn't a perfect album, and there are at least a couple duds. But the most loyal Taking Back Sundays will continue to adapt to the band's changing sound, just as they always have. Our overall feeling on the album is positive, and we're excited to see where Taking Back Sunday goes in the future. We'll have further thoughts after we give this album more listens.

Taking Back Sunday Records Acoustic Version of "Best Places to Be a Mom"

Recently, Taking Back Sunday recorded an acoustic version of its new song "Best Places to Be a Mom." You can watch it below

Taking Back Sunday Releases Fourth Limited Edition Art

The fourth artwork that will be included in the special edition bundle for Taking Back Sunday's upcoming self-titled album has been released, this time through Taking Back Sunday fansite TBSUnion. You can check it out below:

Win Tickets to See Taking Back Sunday!

Taking Back Sunday has created a new contest where you can enter to win tickets to see them as well as Thursday, Colour Revolt, and the New Regime and/or We are the in Crowd on their upcoming North American Summer Tour. To enter, click here to go to their PureVolume tour sampler page, where you can hear a few songs from each of those bands, and click the "Like" button to promote the page on Facebook.

Adam Lazzara & Member of Thursday Host Online Chat

Tonight, Adam Lazzara (the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday) and Geoff (the lead singer of Thursday, a band that will be on Taking Back Sunday's upcoming summer tour) hosted an online chat, in which they answered questions submitted by viewers. You can watch the chat below, or click here:

Taking Back Sunday to Release "This is All Now" EP on June 7

Taking Back Sunday has announced the next EP that will be released based on its upcoming self-titled album: This is All Now. The three-song iTunes EP will not only include the song "This is All Now," but also "Best Places to Be a Mom" and "Ghost Man on Third (2011 Acoustic)." We'll be sure to post information on listening to the EP when we have it!