Taking Back Sunday Signs with Hopeless Records

Today, the guys at Taking Back Sunday announced that they have officially signed with Hopeless Records; the band had previously been signed with Warner Bros. Hopeless Records is home to a variety of other popular bands such as All Time Low, The Used, and Yellowcard, so the band seems to be in good company.

Along with this announcement, Taking Back Sunday confirmed that their next album will be out in 2014 (as expected).

More as it comes!

Taking Back Sunday Announces Fall Tour

Taking Back Sunday is going on tour this fall with Polar Bear Club and Transit from October 11th through November 17th. The full list of dates can be found on the poster below -- TBSHub.com will be at the October 26th show in Nashville and the October 27th show in Birmingham.

Taking Back Sunday will also be playing a show with blink-182, Four Year Strong, and New Beat Fund on Sunday, September 8th, in Uncasville, CT. Tickets for all of these shows go on sale this Friday, August 9th.

Taking Back Sunday Talks New Album, Split from Warner Bros.

Alternative Press has posted a new interview with Taking Back Sunday. Among other things, the band reveals that they've recorded eight songs for their next album with Marc Hudson, that they'll be heading to Long Island soon to record at least five more songs for their new album with Mike Sapone), that the new album has an "alt-country" vibe (but don't take that too seriously!) that they plan to release the new album sometime next year, and, perhaps most notably, that the band has split off from Warner Bros. and are now "free agents":

You mentioned before that you likely aren’t going to self-release this album, like you did for TAYF10 Acoustic. Are you free agents right now?

LAZZARA: Yeah, we’re free agents now. That’s another thing that’s been really nice about this process. We can just do what we want with the songs. There’s not any kind of outside influence. At the same time, [release plans have] been on the backburner to the songs. We’ve been talking to a couple of different folks, but we’re focused on getting everything as good as it can possibly be, then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully we’ll be able to release it sometime next year. We’re so neck deep in all of this technology, and everybody wants things now now now, but it’s still going to be a little bit of a wait, just so we can figure out the best home for it, and the best way to go about trying to get it to people.

Elsewhere in the interview, the band notes that they'll be doing more shows after Riot Fest before they break for the holiday, including a previously announced show at Starland Ballroom where they'll record a "full band" version of Tell All Your Friends. The interview really is a must read -- check it out here.

Taking Back Sunday to Record New Album this Summer

Today Taking Back Sunday announced that the band will begin recording their 6th studio album this summer; writing for the album has already begun.

At 5 pm eastern, the band will hold a live Q&A on Twitter (click here for their official Twitter feed). We'll update this thread if any new information is revealed in the Twitter Q&A.

UPDATE: In their live Twitter Q&A, the band noted that it is "not likely" their next album will be self-released (as previously rumored); the band is "still figuring that out."

Taking Back Sunday to Perform Tell All Your Friends at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey in September

On September 11 and 12, Taking Back Sunday will play the "electric" version of Tell All Your Friends in its entirety at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey, with support from GT NVLVD! on September 11 and Bad Rabbits on September 12.

The presale starts tomorrow, June 5, at 10 am eastern. For tickets to the September 11 show, click here. The pre-sale password is TAYF10ishNJ.

Taking Back Sunday to Release TAYF Acoustic Album on June 18!

Today Taking Back Sunday announced that they will release an acoustic album and film for Tell All Your Friends, recorded during their recent live tour, on June 18! The album and film include all 10 tracks from Tell All Your Friends, as well as the bonus track Your Own Disaster. The film also includes bonus interviews of the band discussing the album & their early days of touring. The digital-only release is available for pre-order now for $20; those who pre-order will receive a copy of "Bike Scene" from the album. Watch a trailer for the album/film below:

UPDATE: In their Twitter Q&A today, Taking Back Sunday confirmed that they are still considering a release of a live album/film of the "electric" version of Tell All Your Friends -- they might record these at their Starland Ballroom shows in September.

Taking Back Sunday to Play Riot Fest in Chicago in September

Taking Back Sunday has been very quiet over the past few months, but the band announced today that it will be playing Riot Fest in Chicago, IL, from September 13-15. The musical festival has quite a line-up, including blink-182, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Yellowcard, and many other bands listed on the poster below. You can purchase tickets at this link.

Taking Back Sunday to Play New Jersey Show on April 5

As Taking Back Sunday works on its next album and finalizes its live TAYF album, we haven't been hearing much news about the band. But today the band announced an April 5 show at Stockton College in New Jersey. The announcement poster is below. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more about Taking Back Sunday's concert plans for the upcoming year!

Adam and John Discuss Next Album, Perform Acoustic Set

As Taking Back Sunday wrapped up its recent Tell All Your Friends 10th anniversary tour, Adam Lazzara and John Nolan sat down with PropertyOfZack to discuss its timeline for writing and recording the next album:

Between Warped and this run, it’s been a solid six months of touring. Will you be taking a break before writing?
Adam: We’ve already demoed some songs. In January we’re doing a Navy entertainment tour; it’s where you go to the different bases and play to the troops. After that we’re aiming to rent a house to finish up the writing process together.
John: We’ve started when we’ve had downtime, but I think we need to be together for a while to start getting serious. The ball is rolling.

Further in the interview with PropertyOfZack, Adam and John discussed the band's future with Warner Bros.:

Will this release be with or without Warner?
Adam: That’s still left to be seen. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but rock music isn’t doing that well right now because people just steal it. It’s interesting because with pop or country music, that’s still selling well. The demographic isn’t stealing as much.
John: It’s also being played on the radio.
POZ: You’re also more likely to just buy a single instead of a ten dollar album.
Adam: As far as where rock exists in the record industry, it’s a weird place. Everything comes in waves. It’s just on the down turn right now as far as labels figuring it out on the business end.

Finally, the website Baeble Music recently recorded videos of Adam and John playing Sad Savior, Your Own Disaster, and Best Places to be a Mom, as well as answering a few questions. You can watch their acoustic performance and interview here.

Taking Back Sunday to Release TWO Live Albums From TAYF Tour

Taking Back Sunday has announced, through a newspaper article uncovered by AbsolutePunk, that they will be releasing two live albums from the current Tell All Your Friends 10th anniversary tour -- an acoustic version and a "full rock" version. Interestingly, the band will be releasing the albums themselves rather than through Warner Bros. and will be deciding whether they want to sign with another label or self-publish in the future.

Though the article does not delve into specifics, it seems likely that DVDs will be released alongside the albums. Spectators noted that the band's acoustic show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles was recorded.

In the same article, the band repeated previously confirmed news that they are working on new demos with Mike Sapone and will be going on a tour of military bases in January.