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John, Eddie Talk to GuitarWorld

By jonathan - Posted on 27 May 2011

John Nolan and Eddie Reyes recently talked to GuitarWorld. Guitar enthusiasts will enjoy the first half of the interview, but all will be interested to see what they said in this excerpt of the second half:

Eddie, with the Tell All Your Friends lineup back in tact after seven years apart, did you feel any pressures going into the studio to record the new CD?

ER: In my opinion, we did and we didn't. I felt good. I was nervous about them learning the other material that they weren't involved with, but I knew they were going to do fine and make those songs sound the way they would have sounded, if they had continued playing with us throughout the years.

John, how was the recording process for you?

JN: We actually had about 18 songs ready when we got together with the producer (Eric Valentine). We started to shave the list down little by little but started writing other songs, too. So there were plenty of songs going in. Eric helped arrange our parts. He has this way of weaving those parts together in a way that we wouldn't have been able to do on our own.

Eddie, you and Mark have been the constant members of Taking Back Sunday since 1999. Your thoughts on the reunion?

ER: It's been amazing. I felt like the band was dying and we did everything we could to keep the flow by recruiting different members and convincing ourselves that all was OK when it really wasn't. When John and Shaun came back, it felt like my brothers, my best friends, were back. It feels good having them back.

John, what are your thoughts about returning to the fold?

JN: It's been great. It's been kind of a crazy ride. It was something we all needed again. We spent the first couple of weeks together writing. Songs kept coming and coming, and things flowed so easily. It's been a great experience.