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Adam Gets in Scuffle, Internet Flips Out, Shaun Responds

By jonathan - Posted on 08 June 2012

At a recent show in Glasgow, Scotland, Adam went into the crowd and started singing to some audience members (as he's prone to do at almost every show). One of the audience members pushed him away, a fight ensues, and... you know what happens next: the internet (read: goes crazy.

In response to the controversy online, which including some bashing of Taking Back Sunday's recent shows, Shaun posted this blog on Tumblr:

Today a video from our recent show in Glasgow surfaced where Adam had what could loosely be called an “altercation” while out in the crowd. Usually we refrain from discussing stupid things and taking the higher road, well to hell with that. The incident was brief, all parties unharmed, though I don’t condone any of the weirdness seen in the clip. What I also can’t condone is the rampant shit talking and wild speculation going on over at Here’s a little insight on the last few months of our lives, and more specifically Adam’s to give you some perspective.

February 29th we flew to Ohio for a college show. The show was amazing and we all had a blast. We scheduled some studio time with our friends in rural Michigan right after.

March 1 we began working on piecing together new songs.

March 2 was more of the same, creative juices were flowing (SEXY!). Sometime around 11PM Mark goes up to bed. The rest of us are in the kitchen talking and laughing. Eddie and Adam step out on the porch for a smoke. Minutes later, I hear a tremendously loud crack and a smash on the roof of the house. I hear Adam screaming at the top of his lungs “EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE!!!!!!!”. I rush outside and to my horror see a giant tree has fallen pinning Adam against the wall of the house. His foot is wedged underneath a ledge. He cannot stand. Eddie rushes in, throwing Adam’s arm over his shoulder and holds him upright. I try to find the piece of branch that will dislodge my friend and lead singer. The tree was so massive I realize that a hundred human hands won’t budge it. Still Mark, John and Ray our trusty engineer/tech try to figure out what to do. My mind is racing. I see his leg up close. I’m afraid they will have to amputate. It looks BAD. The bone was basically bent at a 90 degree angle. Paramedics arrive quickly. Probably the 15 minutes of the longest minutes of our lives. They have a chainsaw! Two quick cuts and Adam is free. They race to the hospital. John takes the ride, the rest of us sit up and stir waiting for updates. Around 3AM John lets us know that Adam won’t need surgery. They will cast him and he will be home tonight. Phew… They finally get back to the house around 7:30AM. Adam is in a cast from toes to hip. He also has a quarter sized puncture wound on his “good” calf which goes about a half inch deep into the muscle.

March 5 we fly home. Adam can finally rest.

April 2 – Fly 24 hours straight to Australia for a tour with New Found Glory, The Maine, and This Time Next Year. Anyone who has ever done this flight knows how much it sucks. Try doing it with 1 broken leg, and an open wound in the other. Also all that swelling that occurs in the feet and legs at 40,000 feet doesn’t really promote healing that well. Did I mention that Australia is so big you have to fly EVERY OTHER DAY? We then flew up to The Philippines for an amazing show in Manila. After a short 18 hour flight we are home again. Ahhh rest.

April 18 – Fly to Europe for shows for the US Military. LOTS of flying, sometimes in VERY small planes. One of the most amazing and rewarding tours we have ever done. We could not be more grateful for this experience.

May 2 – Arrive home. Right to work on more demos in NY away from falling trees.

May 9 – College show in Boston.

May 10 – HOME

May 24 – Leave for Slam Dunk Fest in the UK. Or so we think. Massive flight delays. Mark and I get stuck in Philly and have to fly to Manchester 24 hours later. Adam and John make their connection after being delayed for over 3 hours, sit on the plane for two and a half hours more and are told to deboard and fly out the next day.

May 26 – Arrive in Manchester after a 7+ hour flight, no time to acclimate with the time change. Hour drive to Leeds. Immediately start meet and greet, then press less than an hour of getting to the venue. 9:10 hit the stage for an hour and 15 minutes. Get on the bus and sleep.

May 30 – Finally home

Know I am not complaining about any of this. I absolutely love my job, and I love my bandmates. I am so lucky to get to have such a crazy schedule and see so many amazing places while playing music with my friends. Adam has had a rough go of it the last couple months and I felt it needed to be addressed. He is a proud man, and doesn’t want pity. This is why he doesn’t talk about it in detail. He went through all this because he didn’t want to let people down. We (the band) have to pay the bills. You (the fans) paid your hard earned money for that ticket. I am well aware we have some less than stellar shows, but we also have some pretty great ones too. We’re only human, and sometimes extenuating circumstances prevent us from performing at our very best. I promise you that over the last 2 years, none of us have ever once phoned it in.

We’re coming out swinging on the Warped Tour. Can’t wait to see everyone this summer.

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