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Adam and John Discuss Next Album, Perform Acoustic Set

By jonathan - Posted on 15 December 2012

As Taking Back Sunday wrapped up its recent Tell All Your Friends 10th anniversary tour, Adam Lazzara and John Nolan sat down with PropertyOfZack to discuss its timeline for writing and recording the next album:

Between Warped and this run, it’s been a solid six months of touring. Will you be taking a break before writing?
Adam: We’ve already demoed some songs. In January we’re doing a Navy entertainment tour; it’s where you go to the different bases and play to the troops. After that we’re aiming to rent a house to finish up the writing process together.
John: We’ve started when we’ve had downtime, but I think we need to be together for a while to start getting serious. The ball is rolling.

Further in the interview with PropertyOfZack, Adam and John discussed the band's future with Warner Bros.:

Will this release be with or without Warner?
Adam: That’s still left to be seen. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but rock music isn’t doing that well right now because people just steal it. It’s interesting because with pop or country music, that’s still selling well. The demographic isn’t stealing as much.
John: It’s also being played on the radio.
POZ: You’re also more likely to just buy a single instead of a ten dollar album.
Adam: As far as where rock exists in the record industry, it’s a weird place. Everything comes in waves. It’s just on the down turn right now as far as labels figuring it out on the business end.

Finally, the website Baeble Music recently recorded videos of Adam and John playing Sad Savior, Your Own Disaster, and Best Places to be a Mom, as well as answering a few questions. You can watch their acoustic performance and interview here.