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Pop-Break Interviews Shaun Cooper

By jonathan - Posted on 26 September 2013

The website Pop-Break recently posted a new interview with Taking Back Sunday bassist Shaun Cooper. Among the highlights, Shaun promises the band will begin mixing up the setlist for the next few tours; the setlist had stayed very similar since the original line-up got back together in 2010:

PB: I think that was probably the coolest way you guys could’ve went about it. I remember hearing you guys were back and I was like ‘Oh man, are they still gonna play all the other songs that were recorded in between’. And you guys came right out and… you even did “Everything Must Go” [from New Again], if I remember correctly.

SC: Yeah, for sure.

PB: Which I would love to hear come back again into some of your sets.

SC: Nice, yeah I really enjoy playing that song I think it’s awesome. I think there’s good hope for that in the future. Right now we’re going through the catalogue of songs because we want to keep everything interesting for ourselves with the tour coming up. So we’re going back through the songs and seeing which we really like and what we think people are going to really want to hear. We’ve been playing a lot of the same songs. We want to keep it interesting for ourselves and make sure people are happy coming back, not to hear the same thing over and over again.

Shaun also briefly discusses the new album, for which they are awaiting full versions:

PB: And you just got out of the studio. You did it with two different producers correct?

SC: We did. We used our live sound guy, Marc Hudson. He produced and engineered half of the record. Then our other old friend Mike Sapone who did basically our original five song demo. We went back to him and we did five songs with him. So eight songs with Marc Hudson and another five with Mike Sapone.

PB: Was there a big difference in those songs? Would you noticeably be able to hear a different style with each producer?

SC: It’s kind of hard to see where they’re gonna come out because they still haven’t been mixed, so we haven’t really heard full versions. The stuff with Sapone had a few more electronic elements and the stuff with Marc Hudson was a little bit more rock oriented with more organic kind of songs. So we’re just trying to see how it’s all going to fit together. And we don’t know exactly how many songs are going to make it on the record. We’re just going to try and really make it the most potent record we can. If that’s an eight song record, nine song record, ten song record… I don’t know yet.

Check out the full interview for more, including a discussion about what it's like not recording under a major label and what it was like for John and Shaun to learn the band's old songs.