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Taking Back Sunday Announces The Complete Recordings for Happiness Is

By jonathan - Posted on 19 November 2014

A nice surprise announcement on this cold November afternoon - on February 24 Taking Back Sunday will be releasing a special edition "The Complete Recordings" of its recent record "Happiness Is." The album includes three new B-sides -- How I Met Your Mother, This is Happening, and Can You Feel That (Here I Am) -- as well as three acoustic songs -- Stood a Chance, Better Homes and Gardens, and Like You Do.

The album is now available for pre-order in various bundles that include t-shirts, mugs, a limited edition 7" box set, signed cover art, individual cover art for each song, download cards, and more at the following link.

Adam Lazzara had this to say about the acoustic version of Like You Do: “There was something real sentimental and warm feeling about the acoustic demo version of “Like You Do." Ed (Reyes) and I were staying in the saddest hotel in all of Long Island while the band was writing what would later become most of Happiness Is. This place was as close to one of those 1970s New York City hotels as I had seen in the movies and on the news growing up as you could get, the only exception being that it was on Long Island. Motel style, with ladies of the night, yelling at all hours, the works. It was the worst. I was missing home something awful, it was the worst it had been. That’s where “Like You Do” happened. In that smoky room, at that seedy hotel. I played it back on my voice recorder and it took me someplace else. I think we came pretty close to that feeling with this recording. At first we even talked about just leaving it as an acoustic song. Now we have both.”