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Testing out the forums... if this works, talk about what's new in the world of TBS in July here!


Wait, so the whole DVD thing isn't available for purchase ANYWHERE except online? :(

I take it I now come here for news instead of tbsu?
emg video's sick. can't wait

I totally agree, this rendition of Everything Must Go is very well put together, and they didn't cut out the Matts.

Loved it :) I'm glad they didn't cut out the scenes of the Matts.

The video of Everything Must Go from Live from Orensanz will be streamed at tomorrow! Whoohoo!

I love Hayley, if TBS wanted to feature someone I think she's the best choice.

TBSOfficial: We will be putting up some full songs from Live From Orensanz soon! Stay tuned for details.

From the bands Twitter.

And for guest vocals... I think it would be a great idea for TBS to allow some guest vocals on the next record, it sounds like it could help expose them, as other people pointed out.

John was answering questions tonight and replied one that I did:

"So, Hayley Williams said that if the timing was right and you fine gentlemen of TBS wanted her on a song in the new album, she'd be down for it. I think it's amazing idea. Your thoughts? 062
sounds good to me"

So, I'm aware that the usual reaction from the hardcore fans would range from "meh" to "sellout" about this. But despite the fact I really think Hayley is a great female singer, the band could surely use the exposure that she'd bring. I'd love Michelle to comeback and make a feat, but I have in my guts that this band deserve to get insanely huge with next record. I know that they can get that on their own, but if Hayley can help out - besides all things, she seems to be a huge fan - them get there, why the hell not? Thoughts?

Despite what you think about her band, the girl is one of the best singers out there.

I agree, I'm not a Paramore fan anymore but she has an amazing voice. TBS could sound really cool with strong female vox on a track and I also agree about exposure.

Yay the trailer is finally unblocked! I was so frustrated when youtube wouldn't let me watch it last night and i was like NOOO!!! haha

MakeDamnSure (Live from Orensanz) sounds amazing. This release will hold me over until their new album.

And those new promo shots are amazing as well. I didn't get the e-mail though (and I'm signed up for the newsletter). :S

I'm like in shock from how amazing MDS sounds. WOW. Chills everywhere. Can't wait for the whole CD.

Nice, some of those might work well for the header. I've been looking for some good pictures with the new line-up.

Those promo pics are courtesy of Miss Natalie Escobedo and can be found here:

Thanks for posting that, I need to sign up on their newsletter.

In case you haven't pre-ordered Live from Orensanz, they've posted MakeDamnSure on their MySpace:

anybody get the new tbs email? theres a new promo pic in it, looks pretty cool.

I preordered too and just listened to the song. Damn you TBS, I love it. Old line up, new line up or not... it's amazing. Can't wait for 16/08.

I pre-ordered the CD/DVD and got the MakeDamnSure download. I think I like it, though when you've listened so much to a song it's weird to hear it played differently. I'm definitely looking forward to having the full CD in my hands.

I wonder if they'll have any footage of John/Shaun or the recent shows in the bonus features?

Suddenly to see Michelle's avatar makes me full of anger and envy right now. :(

I imagine they'll be in it plenty.
I hope they left some banter too.

I just preordered it all...the MakeDamnSure they give you is sooo good. Can't wait for this to come out.

Just saw this from their Facebook. The new merchandise looks awesome, but WMG blocked the trailer.

If ther are people who can't watch this because of the WMG,
paste the link to the video -

on the

This cd will be awesome!!

Awesome, thanks for pointing that out! :)


I can't wait to see this performance, however I don't see much of Fazzi. :S

Yeah, they cut-out fazz and roob from trailer. But they will be on dvd for sure.

Yay for the cd/dvd I'll be preordering tonight. Bummed because it seems I won't be gettin the tee I want anytime soon.
Trailer, preorder, and shirts from tour

Taking Back Sunday announced on its twitter account that the new t-shirts will be up on the TBS store tomorrow; they'll also be posting up an Orensanz trailer. Sweet!

Haha, I just saw Mark's tweet: "@electricgawd wow, thats awesome. i didnt know there was two eddies in the band though. hahaa. man, that makes me happy to see"

I'm kind of embarrassed now! lol. But glad he's happy to see the new site :)

You Know How I Do was added at the end as sort of a request?

And yay for the DM! I tweeted at the dudes and Jillian, their manager, to let them all know about the new site. Mark checked it out. :)

Haha, hilarious that they played Didn't See That Coming so many times, but that's probably the song I'm most excited about being on there. Too bad they didn't include You Know How I Do, and I'm surprised they didn't include songs like You're So Last Summer and Where My Mouth Is.

And by the way, I guess this counts as news: I got a direct message on the TBSHub Twitter account from TBSOfficial: "Hi Johanthan! Good lookin on the site!" :D

This was the setlist from the first set:
New again
Your Own Disaster
My Blue Heaven
180 By Summer
Didn't See That Coming
Set Phasers
Didn't See That Coming (take two)
Everything Must Go
Didn't See That Coming (take three)

and what I said about their second set:
"Show two's setlist was not so much different. They didn't play You Know How I Do and they only played Didn't See That Coming Once. They encored with Decade, even though they had already played it? Adam explained they wouldn't ever play the Ballad of Sal because the person whom it was written about called him up and asked him, with explicatives, not to play it again. I had a lot of fun the second show, standing overhead and cheering with Lex and Brittany. (Brit182, even though she hardly posts. >:() Um, Adam said something about "going deeper" and the three of us shouted, "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" because at the first show, Adam said they had promised no twss jokes. I refrained from abducting any people, though I gawked awkwardly. Fazz almost ran into Lex and I three different times and was super awesome. Envy showed up, and Sal is a sweetheart as always. They're definitely going to use more footage from set number two. I think they were using number one as a dress rehearsal? Adam's acoustic says KADL with a little picture on it."

I don't remember, honestly. I'm sure I tweeted it, so maybe it's on tbsu somewhere. I'll check.

Hm, I guess we'll find out. By the way, Michelle, were there any songs they played live but aren't on this CD? And are the tracks on this CD in a different order than they were live?

The QOTSA's Lightning Song is instrumental, maybe they played the song into A Decade Under The Influence.

I went to both shows that day, so I heard Didn't See That Coming a dozen or so times because they kept messing up.

Ahh, the tracklist looks awesome! What's lightning song? I notice several songs that weren't on Bamboozle - Your Own Disaster, My Blue Heaven, Didn't See That Coming (!), and Everything Must Go; good to see, especially because those are all great songs.

EDIT: Just saw your post iJackSparrow. Michelle, did you go to both shows? Maybe they played it at one and not the other.

I honestly don't remember a Lightning Song being played AT ALL.

There should be tracks specifically for clever banter, so if you don't want those, you can skip 'em. Now people are gonna have to sit through "NO MORE STAR WARS JOKES" or "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" to get to the song.
I don't know.

As far as everyone can see, is the
reformed lineup a lineup that will continue making music and touring
together after this album?
Yeah, we’re planning to do this as long as there are people who want us to.

Happy to see they'll continue with music after the next record.

Tracklisting for Live At Orensanz
1. MakeDamnSure
2. New Again
3. A Decade Under the Influence/Lightning Song
4. One-Eighty By Summer
5. Your Own Disaster
6. My Blue Heaven
7. Carpathia
8. Didn't See That Coming
9. Set Phasers To Stun
10. Everything Must Go
11. Cure Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)

John Nolan's interview to the website Property of Zack can be found right here:

I'm glad for them taking their time with the new songs.

I posted the new Taking Back Sunday album artwork at

And if I must say so myself... it looks absolutely beautiful.